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System version: 2.0

Search engine: Meta-Storms 2.3 Beta

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    1. X. Su*, G. Jing, Z. Sun, L. Liu, Z. Xu, D. McDonald, Z. Wang, H. Wang, A. Gonzalez, Y. Zhang, S. Huang, G. Huttley, R. Knight* and J. Xu*. Multiple-Disease Detection and Classification across Cohorts via Microbiome Search, mSystems, 2020. Link
    2. X. Su*, G. Jing, D. McDonald, H. Wang, Z. Wang, A. Gonzalez, Z. Sun, S. Huang, J. Navas, R. Knight* and J. Xu*. Identifying and predicting novelty in microbiome studies, mBio, 2018. Link
    3. X.Su1, X. Wang1, G. Jing and K. Ning*. GPU-Meta-Storms: Computing the structure similarities among massive amount of microbial community samples using GPU, Bioinformatics, 2014. Link
    4. X. Su, J. Xu and K. Ning*. Meta-Storms: Efficient Search for Similar Microbial Communities Based on a Novel Indexing Scheme and Similarity Score for Metagenomic Data, Bioinformatics, 2012. Link

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    1. Apr. 2, 2020. The total number of samples in MSE has been updated to 250,273.
    2. Mar. 17, 2020. Our manuscript entitled "Multiple-Disease Detection and Classification across Cohorts via Microbiome Search" is published in mSystems.
    3. Mar. 13, 2020. The new search engine kernel software ( Meta-Storms 2 ver. 2.3 Beta) is released.
    4. Jan. 09, 2020. Due to system and database maintenance, MSE search service will be temporarily unstable during Jan. 09 - Jan. 10, 2020 (Beijing time). We are sorry for the inconvenience.
    5. Dec. 27, 2019. Now the MSE 2 is online, supporting OTU-based, species-based and KO-based search. MSE 2 provides both upload-based and paste-based query, and also enables the full-taxonomy multi-view of query and matches in search results.

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